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  Optimum water consumption

  Optimum energy consumption

 Temperature locking device

 Flow rate available between 3 to 20 liter per minute

 110 rotating capability

 Resistance to 25BAR static pressure

Resistance to thermal shock between 5 to 95 C΄

 Sedimentation free

 Useable for sandy water

 Made in Italy

 Guaranteed for 5 years




 Converter of water flow from aerator to shower head and vice versa

 Of techno polymer material with high resistance

 NM 10 TORQU capability

 Made in Italy





 Stainless steel AIS 304

 Temperature resistance to 110 centigrade

 Pressure resistance to 20 BAR

 Swivel female : brass nickel plated

 Nipple : brass , flat Seat with washer assembled

 Stainless steel braided hose

 Rubber tube of EPDM material







Neoperl Cascade Aerator made in Germany

 On standards KTW NSF WRc

 Hygiene : less time means less support for growth of bacteria

 Vandal resistance : virtually unbreakable single piece insert

 Soft water stream

 Pressure compensating

 Water saving

 Even water distribution

 Comply with US standards A 11 2 . 18 . 1 M

 Certified to ANSI / NSF61