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  Shiralat Behdashti Akhavan Saz Co . ( AVC ) the First and Sole Full Robotic Manufacturer of Saniatry  Faucets in Iran under License of MAS of Italy .

 Enjoying of LPDC foundry KWC of Switzerland and ABB robots has enabled us to manufacture all types of Sanitary Faucets complying With EN and NSF standards . AVC was launched in December 1997 with an idea to bring innovation and a new system of producing single lever sanitary faucets in Iran. AVC is honored to be called the first and sole full robotic manufacturer of sanitary valves in Iran. The production mechanism and machinery are based on the Swiss and Italy technology. One great advantage of AVC is on those smart ABB robots in the polishing and granting sections. Another advantage is on the foundry practice. The die-casting equipment has been purchased from the world's leading supplier of low-pressure die-casting (KWC Switzerland). The components are all from Italy and Germany origins bearing EN standards

 AVC has also established and applied a quality system for production of single lever faucets according to the requirement of ISO 9001:2000 (RWTUV).  This company has been also awarded with the Iranian Standards for producing of sanitary faucets. AVC is fully authorized to work under an European License, MAS (UL), within the time of its production.

 Taking advantage of this new technology in this field has enabled AVC to produce and finish different kind of faucets. AVC has planned to grow its production and give different designs to the market.